VCU Flow Cytometry Shared Resource

About this resource

The lab’s principal investigator, Becca Martin, PhD, is director of this shared resource at VCU. This resource is managed by Julie Farnsworth, who has over 20 years of flow cytometry experience. She is assisted by XinYan Pei, MD, PhD, who is a flow cytometry specialist. The Flow Cytometry Shared Resource features a comprehensive suite of instrumentation that facilitates research across the entire university, supporting a diverse array of investigators. Currently, this resource supports over 90 principle investigators at VCU.

Flow cytometry is also integral to the study of immunology, and thus each project in the Martin lab utilizes the flow cytometry shared resource in some way. If you are interested in adding flow to your project, don’t hesitate to contact a lab member, we love to collaborate! Alternately, make an appointment with the director, Becca Martin, and she will be happy to help you with your flow cytometry needs.

The VCU Massey Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource is supported, in part, by funding from the NIH-NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016059

The VCU Flow Core and the amazing women running it!

XinYan and Julie at a Massey Cancer Center event.
Julie and XinYan in front of the BD Fusion.
Work is always fun with these wonderful women!

Spectral Cytometry

Cytek® Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer with 96-well plate loader

Just Arrived!!! Cytek® Aurora CS Spectral Sorter in a BSL2 Hood

Cell Sorters

BD FACSAria™ Fusion SORP High-Speed Cell Sorter

BD FACSAria™ II High-Speed Cell Sorter

Cell Analyzers

BD LSRFortessa-X20™

BD FACSCanto™ II Analyzer

Imaging Cell Analyzer

Amnis ImageStreamX Mark II™

Surface Plasmon Resonance Analyzer

Reichert SR7500DC™ SPR

The Martin Lab Flow Staining Protocol

*This protocol is made for the use by the Martin Lab and each lab should consult manufacturer’s guidelines for products, and cytometer.

Flow Cytometry Analysis Links and Resources

What is the difference between conventional flow and spectral flow cytometry? It really is very similar in the end.

When do you use Mean, Median, or Mode when analyzing your Flow data?

Fantastic Webinar by FlowJo on how to concatenate and create a tSNE plot.

Resources for Panel Design and Antibody Purchase

*Rebecca Martin has not received any financial compensation to endorse these websites.